How to think better

Thinking skills are a very underrated. Rarely do people consider that it would be helpful for their lives to think better.

In fact, most of us prefer to avoid thinking overall. It’s much easier to reap the fruits of someone else’s thinking than to do the hard work ourselves.

I know that everyone says the same thing on how they are original thinkers, have a critical mind and boast their independence of thought.

But we all know that is not the truth. Otherwise mass movements would not exist.

We tend to use and adapt someone else’s opinion and thoughts to our own. Very rarely do people actually stop and think to elaborate on something.

Please take notice that when I say “stop and think”, it’s not stop and watch a video or read an article. It’s actually stopping, reflecting and elaborating on a thought on your own. It can be indeed about something you read or seen, but there’s a moment afterward where you actually reflect on it – alone.

No external aids like videos or google or youtube. Nothing aside from your mind (or a notebook or journal).

And this requires time. It’s definitely not enough to spend a minute thinking about an interesting idea. It’s much more than this to ACTUALLY achieve some original thinking.

As much as I would like to say that original thoughts are easier for me, they are not. I doubt that they are easy for anyone. Original and independent thinking requires time.

My first thought about a subject (any subject) is hardly original. Only time, effort and actual “alone thinking” will bring about some original thoughts and ideas.

That’s just the way it is.

And concentration is a required skill for efficient thinking.

If you can’t focus on a subject long enough to elaborate on it, then not much can be done.

The stronger the power of your concentration, the easier it will be to think for longer periods of time and elaborate further on certain topics. That’s why that on the Concentration and Mind Control training you actually have a module only on effective thinking. Because I do consider a very important – even if underrated – skill.

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