How to Train Your Will

The training of the Will, as we do in the Charisma School, goes much deeper than the usual exercises of looking at the second hand of a watch or counting matches that you find in most Will training courses and books.
As valuable as these approaches are, for the modern man they tend to be an exercise in boredom that are repeated once or twice and that’s the end of them.As you can imagine, not much will happen by doing an exercise a couple of times.

The problem with the instructions of these exercises is that they don’t teach you the necessary mental state and mind control to do them correctly. If you are bored out of your mind while doing them, you won’t gain a deep and powerful Will. Otherwise high school students all over the world would all have a very powerful Will!

It makes no sense to just do these type of exercises, just for the sake of doing them and enduring boredom.

That’s not their purpose.

It goes deeper than this.

You need a powerful and controlled mental state from beginning to end of this exercise, without a slight hint of weakness, boredom or distraction. Each time you notice your mind drifting away to more interesting (or bored!) thoughts, you must bring it back to a powerful state.

As easy as it is to describe, it’s quite an advanced skill.

Especially because these type of exercises are very easily done when the motivation is at its peak – meaning, the first few times we do them. Then we may mistakingly think of ourselves as already possessing a strong Will and mastering these exercises when we didn’t even hit the crucial hotspot.

The real difficulty comes after having done it for a few weeks. Then the motivation fades away. And without the dopamine neurotransmitters there to help you, the real training of the Will starts!

This phenomenon is very well known in meditators: the first few times a meditator experiments with a new meditation technique, it seems like it’s a better one that allows deeper concentration. But after a couple of weeks of using it, you will be exactly at the same place where you were with your old technique.

With the Will exercises not many students will endure it for several weeks: either they quit due to the boredom or they think they already mastered the exercise and stop doing it long before they actually need to use their Will.

Fortunately there are better and more efficient ways to train our Will as we discuss in the 10 Steps to Inner Power. You learn and develop your Will in an easier and more systematic way than simply counting matches!

There are also advanced Will applications which can skyrocket your Will to the stratosphere, yet, it’s only after you master the foundations of the 10 Steps that they can be presented to you.

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