This is Day 10 of the ecourse “Boost Your Vitality and Stamina With Body Cleansing & Purification”.

The neti pot is an amazing cleansing technique of the Ayurvedic tradition that completely cleanses your sinus. If you only take one thing out of this whole course, make it this one.

It has amazing benefits in all areas of your life, but the most important one, is being able to take a big breath of fresh air. Only when I started to use the neti pot many years ago, I truly started breathing. Now I can’t start my day without doing the neti.

After watching the video below, if you still want more information about the neti, (other techniques, spiritual benefits, etc) you have this wonderful little book by David Frawley that tells you everything you want to know:

“Neti: Healing Secrets of Yoga And Ayurveda” by David Frawley

The video for today is here: