How to use emotional nature in your favour

Yesterday we discussed how emotions come first, and only then, comes your thinking and rationalization.

You learned how your emotion dominates you much more than you would like to believe.

As much as of a bad thing that can be, it can also be a good thing!

That’s precisely the reason of why our magnetic techniques work so well.

They work on the emotions and energy NOT on the logic.

You’re never trying to logically convince anyone to follow you or to be attracted to you.

You’re not finding clever ways to manipulate the mind of someone to be attracted to you.

No, quite the opposite.

You ONLY work on the emotions and energy.

You make someone feel something, and then you’ll leave it up to their mind to rationalize what they are feeling.

Just like it happens with you.

That’s why sexual magnetism works so well. There will always be someone more attractive than you, wealthier or better dressed.

Yet, you will get attraction precisely because feelings come first, then logic.

First they will be sexually attracted to you, only then they will rationalize it and find their own logical reasons for it.

That’s why we always work on the emotional and energetically level. If we were working purely on the logical level we would fall prey to the emotional nature.

For you to understand experientially how this all works, you’ll need to develop your own magnetism and energetic mastery.

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