Here’s an interesting comment from a student:

“I felt the Will State as a connection to the core of my very being. I learned to use the Will State today when lifting weights. Not resisting or suppressing, but connecting to the core of one’s being. Then the pain disappears.”

We’ve talked about the Will State before (here and here) and you know how crucial it is for your magnetism and inner power.

But that’s not its only use. It can be used to many different feats and areas of life.

Weight lifting is surely one of them.

But I must give a general warning about using it in physical feats.

Although it’s useful to do this, it can also be dangerous since it’s very easy to push your body to a place that it’s not ready for and become injured.

It’s like if you turn off the pain when you put your hand in a fire. Your hands can be burning and you won’t feel anything… but you’ll still have the burn mark in there.

So it’s a lot easier to be injured.

Do you know who is Pheidippides?

Philippides is the central figure in the story that inspired the modern marathon race. Pheidippides is said to have run from Marathon to Athens to deliver news of a military victory against the Persians at the Battle of Marathon.

When he got there, he died.

Whether it’s a legend or a true story it doesn’t quite matter in this article, as this is something that can certainly happen.

Pheidippides used the Will State to push over the pain to deliver the important news to this companions as fast as possible, but he didn’t noticed his body giving out so it went over his limit and died.

I’m sure his body gave out a few miles before, but his Will was the fuel that kept him going.

With that, I’m not saying that the ancient Greeks were Charisma School students 🙂

Remember that the Will State is simply a label to a state that exists in all mankind. Some traditions and cultures elicit it consciously, like the vikings Berserkers, while most others simply get into that state when it’s needed without giving it a name.

So yes, the Will State can be quite powerful to push you a bit over the limit… and we can all be pushed a bit over our limits since we’re far from our true limits. But you do need to keep in mind that your body has limits.

You can use the Will State safely in bodybuilding for example. It can be quite useful when you focus your whole energy and Will in the muscle you are exercising.

When you bring your all your energy, Will and focus on the growth of that particular muscle group you are exercising, you’ll be surprised by the results and the growth it can be achieved.

Hence you can even be below your weight limit, but still have an astonishing muscle grow.

This is a fairly simple application of your Inner Power. But there are many more. Discover your Will State with the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power