Some students may be confused about how to actually feel energy.

To be clear, you feel the energy in your body. You learn how you your body feels to you and, little by little, you increase your awareness to the point where you can distinguish many different energy traits inside.

Different types of feelings, of energies, of movements, of qualities of energies, of aspects of those energies.

So you are able to feel in detail what’s happening inside of your body.

It’s already a good thing that you look inside and feel whatever you are feeling. But of course, it’s a lot easier with some guidance on what you’re looking for, such as what we do in Vitality and Energy Training and The Unblocking Process.

This helps you to seek for specific “energy signs”. When energy is moving in the body there’s specific traits it has, and, once you know them, it’s very easy to distinguish the different types of energy.

You’ll eventually won’t need any type of external help in recognizing energy in your body. Once you know them, you create synapses in your brain that allow you to recognize them all the time.

As you do these type of energy awareness exercises and start to be more and more attentive to what happens inside of you, it’s like you are saying to your unconscious:

“Hey Unconscious! I want to feel more energy in my body, send me more information!”

So your unconscious, will start to allow those energy feelings appear in your conscious mind.

You may ask so what’s the use of that?

Well there are quite many uses! Sometimes the actual physical signs of something that is bad for you are not yet manifested, yet, the energy is already signaling it.

Which can be a negative person that you meet or something that you are eating.

Those negative signs can be very subtle, particularly in the beginning when they first start to appear. But, if your energy awareness is sufficiently developed you are able to pinpoint them on the spot.

Not to mention that you feel intensely whatever is happening inside, good or bad, and are then able to do the necessary changes to your energy training, physical exercises, day to day routine and so forth, to get it in a correct flowing order.

And of course, you are also able to feel the blocked up energy that is preventing (or causing!) you to have certain behaviors. Once you recognize those blocks, you can finally release them and restore the correct flow of energy.

Developing a good energy awareness it’s one of the cornerstones of our whole Charisma School training.