I Can and I Will

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“In times of great peril — grave perplexities — life and death struggles, a feeling of calm confidence and strength often comes to us, and we are borne on by a power of us and in us (and yet in everything else, too) that seems to lift us off our feet and sweep us on to safety—to peace—to rest. We are possessed of an abiding sense of power, reserve force and security.

When extraordinary conditions confront us—when our bodies seem paralyzed—our minds stupefied—our will power gone, we are often made conscious of the existence of the Real Self, and it answers our involuntary demand, and comes to rescue with the cheering cry: “I am here”!

Many of us have made use of this inner strength without realizing it. One day we were sorely distressed and made the demand, and lo! it was answered. We knew not from whence came this new‑found strength, but we were conscious of the uplift, and felt more confidence in ourselves. The next time we confidently demanded the aid, and again we were answered. We acquired that which we call confidence and faith in ourselves, and were carried over many a dark place and started on the road to Success. Our repeated success caused us to think and speak of our “luck,” and we grew to believe that we had a “star,” and took chances and risks that others would not dream of. We dared. We made some apparent failures, but we soon came to know them as only lessons leading to ultimate success. The “I Can and I Will” feeling carried us over rough places safely, and we got to simply know that we would “get there” in the end. And so we went on and on, knowing that if we advanced three steps and slipped back two, we were still one step ahead.

We had confidence, because we knew that “things would come our way” in the end. And so long as we held this attitude, we did succeed, and it was only when we lost heart at some unexpected slip—only when, after having attained success, we became dazed and frightened, and began to fear that our “luck might turn” and that we would lose all of our accumulations— is was only then, I say—that our star waned.

Talk with any successful man, and, if truthful, he will admit having felt, from the time of his first success, that he had some sort of “pull” with Fate—some “lucky star”—some special Providence operating in his behalf. He grew to expect results”— to have confidence in things turning out right—to have faith in something of which he knew not the nature—and he was not disappointed. Things seemed to work in his favor—not always just in the way he expected, sometimes in an entirely different way—matters seemed somehow to straighten themselves out in the end—so long as he kept his “nerve.” He did not know the source of his strength, but he believed in it and trusted it just the same.

Let us wake up and recognize this Something Within—let us begin to understand this “I Can and I Will” feeling—let us cherish it if we have it, and cultivate it if we have it not. Do you know that we are young giants who have not discovered our own strength? Are you not aware that there are powers latent within us, pressing forth for development and unfoldment? Do you not know that earnest desire, faith and calm demand will bring to us that which we require—will place at our hand the tools with which we are to work out our destiny—will guide us in the proper use of the tools—will make us grow? Do you not know that Desire, Faith and Work is the triple key to the doors of Attainment? There are possibilities before us, awaiting our coming, of which we have never dreamed. Let us assert
ourselves — take up the key — unlock the doors — and enter our kingdom.”

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