I can and I will

William Walker Atkinson wrote:

“The man who regards himself as a creature built on a certain mental plan, and incapable of any material change beyond an improvement of the faculties already being expressed, sees but a small portion of the truth regarding himself and his possibilities.

Very few men express or manifest more than a small part of their latent power. They live long lives and go down to their graves without suspecting that within their mental kingdom there had reposed dormant faculties, and latent powers which, if expressed, would have enabled them to have lived far wider, broader, fuller lives.

Nearly every man who has attained success along any of the varied lines of human endeavor will tell you that at some period of his life he was called upon to assume certain responsibilities — to undertake some unaccustomed task—play some unfamiliar part on life’s stage — and then much to his surprise found that he had within him the power, capability, and qualifications for a successful accomplishment of the strange task.

The crucial point was when he was brought face to face with the new undertaking.

If, as is the case with the majority of men, he lacked nerve enough to say “I Can and I Will,” the story was ended.

But if he had that Something within him which enabled him to assert his determination to face the thing manfully and at least to go down with his flags flying rather than to run away, he would find much to his surprise that there was within him a power which responded to the needs of the hour and which enabled him to master the undertaking.”

This “something” Atkison talks about is the mastery over their own Will and a strong inner power.

An internal drive to say: “I can and I Will”.

The more you discover – and USE – this power within yourself, the more it will be available to you.

That’s what we work in “10 Steps to Inner Power”. To discover and grow that connection go your Will and to exponentially improve your inner power.

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