I can’t stop thinking about it

A common issue is “I can’t stop thinking about a certain problem”. In other words, a recurring thought. And yes, it can be related to the previous email, or it can be something else. Maybe a problem you’re having that keeps popping up.

And, I assume that you can’t solve it or find out the cause.

It’s like it’s always in your mind. Or constantly popping up.

This means your unconscious mind is finding it relevant to bring it to your conscious mind for some reason.

And we need to understand the reason why.

When you are hungry, this pops up into your conscious mind often enough. There’s an energy moving inside that warrants your attention and needs a certain behavior.

Then you may accept it or not, but some attention must be given to what you are feeling.

We rarely think about what else is associated with the thought. What energy movements do you have inside that are associated with it? Maybe it’s a recurring sexual thought and of course, there are natural sexual energy movements inside that you need to pay attention to.

It’s hard to stop thinking about X, if you don’t know the energetic reasons behind it. Because the unconscious mind is only bringing to your awareness what happens in your body, and this eventually turns into a thought.

But the body and energy are the true culprits. If you don’t understand this language, it will be very hard to stop the thought, since it’s only reacting to it.

That’s why the first step is always to look inside and notice what is associated with that thought. What bodily feeling? What energy movements? How is that energy? Among many other questions.

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