I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable

Here’s an interesting question from a Sexual Energy Mastery student:
(with personal information blanked out)

“Also one of the girls who I really liked, we got along really well together. During the drive to <blank>, we got even closer. I felt like I should’ve kissed her multiple times and ended up not doing so because I was scared what the others would say… I now realize this is a reoccurring theme where I care too much what others think. It’s funny because I consider <blank> as family as well and I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable.”

This is indeed a reoccurring theme in so many students. And it’s a threefold issue:

The first is the issue of others being uncomfortable.

You’ll be quite limited in your life if you never want to make anyone uncomfortable. With sex and sexuality, some people will always be uncomfortable simply because they tend to block out all sexuality from their lives.

It’s like sex is a secret thing some people do. Something to hide. As if we’re not aware that everyone does it.

You want to do the exact opposite: allow the sexuality to flow from you. It doesn’t matter if others feel your sexual energy – in fact, that’s the goal! The large majority of people love sexual men and women – that’s why they are successful.

Yet, some will feel uncomfortable. That’s not your fault and you shouldn’t limit yourself over what some people might think. You’ll never please everyone anyway.

Sexual energy is not an overt expression of sexuality – as in, dressing slutty or talking about sex. No, it’s an energy. Something that you express without talking or without obvious sexual demonstrations.

That is what truly attracts.

The second aspect is that the issue you describe is most commonly an internal problem. Not external.

The problem is not that others will be uncomfortable. The problem is that YOU will be uncomfortable when others realize that you are a sexual man.

If you have been limiting your sexual energy all your life, it will be uncomfortable for you to let everyone realize that you are a sexual man after all.

That’s normal. But the sooner you unblock this “uncomfortableness”, the faster you will become sexually magnetic.

You need to make it part of your identity. Something to be proud of, not something to hide.

The third aspect is that this is also an internal block.

If you look inside of yourself, you’ll notice different internal blocks manifesting when you are with others. In Sexual Energy Mastery you learned how to feel these internal blocks and how to dissolve them, it’s time to put it into use.

They need to be unblocked and the sexual energy flowing inside again.

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