I feel like a zombie

One time I was with Fabricio and we were getting something to eat. A waiter started to talk with us and he was talking about some issues he was having in his life.

After all these years, I don’t remember exactly what those issues were. I just remember a brief exchange of sentences that came right after the waiter had told us his story and what he did.

Fabricio asked him: “Why have you reacted this way?”

And he said: “I just did”

Fabricio replied: “This is no answer. If you have given me this answer, what does this say about you?”

“I dunno”, said the young man.

“See, another short and very little elaborated answer to an open ended question. Your mind is taking a passive stance in life by travelling through the easiest route, no wonder bad things keep happening to you”

I forgot everything else, but I remembered these sentences very vividly in my mind.

Naturally, the waiter didn’t understood what Fabricio told him, as it’s a lot deeper than it may look at first glance. He’ll probably continued through life with a mental passivity which can only lead to a very unfulfilled, apathetic and reactive life.

This passive state is becoming more and more common as we get used to consume, as opposed to produce. Consuming, in the way our society currently urges everyone to do, is a very passive activity.

Browsing the internet for hours a day is no difference than watching TV. Reading blogs, the news, listening to podcasts, is the modern day TV. Even reading books can be considered quite passive, depending on how you really do it (doesn’t matter if it’s fiction or non-fiction).

Year by year, this entertainment and passive mindset is starting to rule over our lives and minds.

These kind of short and non-elaborate answers to open ended questions are just one of the signs of a passive mind.

There’s of course much more. The most common one is an internal experience of dullness, almost like being in a zombie mode with everything passing you by.

Another sign is a lack of control over your own mind. Procrastination, not reaching goals, not doing the things you really want to do.

Your mind thrives on activity and it dulls itself on passivity. Even if you are not interested in becoming more active in life, still, you are probably interested in achieving more.

All the great leaders and personalities of history needed an extremely active mind in order to succeed.

Oh… another positive side effect of the active mind is a reduced need for sleep. Apparently, the faster and more awake your brain and mind are, the less you need to sleep.

The course on Sexual Magnetism gives you an introduction on active and passive mindset.

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