I forget about my energy

It’s easy to block your energetic feelings during your day.

When your mind is activated – focused on something else -, you can easily block the energy sensitivity.

In other words, you don’t even remind yourself to check your energy or notice anything regarding what’s happening inside you (and around you) energetically.

On most cases, you only feel the consequences, as in: when you are talking with a negative friend, you don’t feel much at a time since you are deeply enrolled in the conversation, but you’ll sure feel it after.

Your energy drops after that conversation. Your mood suddenly gets negative. And you don’t really understand why.

Yet, if you had simply connected to your energy for a few seconds during that conversation, you would have immediately noticed the negative effect it was having.

This is one of the biggest sticking points for new students.

“I simply forget about my energy”

That’s normal and expected.

You need some time of practice to allow your energy awareness to fit in your daily life.

Remember that your energy was ignored all this time. You were not integrating it into your life or giving any attention to it.

So it takes time and practice to change it.

Your energetic practice will tell your unconscious that you WANT to be sent signals regarding your energy. That you DON’T want the energy to be “under the hood”. You want the energy awareness to be available to your conscious mind.

And this changes the workings of your mind to allow your unconscious to send you these signals regarding your energy – instead of remaining ignored.

It will start with obvious signals, and it will get more subtle as you tend to accept them.

Your unconscious mind realizes that this energy awareness is valuable to you, and it will send you more and more of it during your day.

If you think about it, this is the exact same process anxiety and panic attacks use.

At first, it’s the same with everyone, anxiety is only something that happens on extreme situations. It’s a natural mechanism of your body to signal danger.

But as you give it more and more attention – particularly in small or insignificant situations, like a social situation – your anxiety tolerance starts to lower and your unconscious mind starts to send you constant signals that trigger your anxiety.

As you start to give it more attention, you are saying to your unconscious mind: “social situations can be dangerous and can harm me, please protect me”. As you unconsciously repeat this, anxiety gets triggered more and more.

The mechanism is always the same: you become what you constantly pay attention to. If you start giving attention to your energy, then you will receive a lot more signals from your energy. If you ignore it, then it won’t help you much.

Hence, on this beginning phase, you need to keep checking your energy during the day and you need more attention than you will need on later phases.

It will come a time where all this is automatic and you won’t need much to become aware of important energetic signals as they happen. But you do need to start with a conscious awareness and practice of it to reach this point.

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