I live in a different inner state than you

I was walking with Fabricio in a neighborhood filled with big, luxurious houses. We were both minding our own thoughts and weren’t talking.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a dog jumped inside of a gated house, and started barking violently at us as we passed the house.

Needless to say, I jumped since the dog gave quite a scare.

No comments were made and after we passed the house and the heart got back to beating normally, I noticed that Fabricio wasn’t the slightest affected by the dog.

It was quite odd that he didn’t get scared since the dog really came out of nowhere and barked quite loud.

So I thought, “maybe he sensed the energy of the dog somehow and was ready for it”. So I asked him that.

“Why weren’t you scared by the dog? Did you sensed his energy or something like that?”

“Not really”, he answered, “but I live in a different inner state than you.”

He proceeded to explain how everyone lives in different inner states, which are the sum of the total reactions to life events.

In other words, a state of consciousness, which is different from person to person based on how each reacts to the live events that unfold before him.

It’s quite easy to deduct this fact.

For example: if someone gets scared by this jumping dog and the other isn’t (granted that no one knew about its existence), it’s a proof that two people are living in two different inner states.

Another example: if your boss scolds you, and one person gets anxious and another person gets a different reaction, these two individuals live in a different inner state.

Of course, there can be all kinds of psychological and contextual reasons of why the first individual got more anxious than the second (maybe one needed the job and the other didn’t). But we are focusing simply on the fact that two individuals can get two different internal experiences based on the same stimulus.

If you understand that everything is a different mental state, then you can easily understand whether you are on a particular place in life simply by observing your reactions to the daily events of your life.

In other words, whether you are magnetic or not, or if you have inner power or not. Are you living in the inner state which is suitable to the kind of events you want to attract to your life?

What kind of reactions do you have? Are they in harmony with what you want to be/get?

Your reactions will tell you the state from which you are operating.

This awareness is important since it tells you which reactions or mental states are not conforming to what you want to become and attract into your life.

Now, obviously, no one cares about being scared by a dog or not. But I’m sure you care about what events are you attracting to your life. Or whether you are magnetic or not.

This awareness of your own inner states, your own inner energy and the adjustment to your ideal self, is a cornerstone of the attracting what you want into your own life, that’s why we teach it – in a very detailed way – in our training: Magnetic Manifestation.

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