“I never had a girlfriend”

Here’s an interesting question from one of our readers:

“I always had trouble attracting girls and never had a girlfriend. What can I do to fix this?”

The same way I wrote yesterday there is no magic behind the Magnetic Gaze, in attraction, is the same principle.

People make it seem like magic. Players attracting women everywhere they go. Women easily hunting men. It’s like they have honey on them or some sort of spell.

Far from it.

They simply understand (on most cases unconsciously) sexual energy and sexuality in general.

As I keep on saying over and over again:

“If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual”

If there’s no sexual energy flowing in you and what you do and say, how are you expect to elicit sexual attraction?

It’s impossible.

It must there somewhere if you expect to attract anyone.

Especially if you’ve never had a girlfriend or have trouble attracting women in general, it simply means your sexual energy is much on the low side.

The first step is discovering it inside of you. Recognize it and accept it.

Most likely, sexuality is something that is repressed inside of you. Maybe not mentally (although it’s a
common issue) but physically and energetically you’re not allowing it to come forward.

You’re blocking it somehow.

By discovering it and accepting it, you can unleash this sexuality in you. Allow it to manifest in your life, and with it, increase your power of attraction!

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