If you are beautiful, are you magnetic?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:“Those who are beautiful are also magnetic?”

Not necessarily.

It’s common to consider that beauty or a fashion sense equals magnetism. But it is a mistake.

There are many beautiful people whose magnetism is severely lacking.

They may standout in a picture, and you may look at them with a certain attraction, yet, their influence over others be severely reduced.

This is apparent after the initial interaction when the “halo effect” has worn out.

I’ve had several students who were quite handsome and pleasing to the eye, yet, they complained about their lack of influence, people not listening to them or taking them seriously, or even standing out in their jobs or social circles.

This is fairly normal to happen.

So lack of magnetism affects those who are beautiful the same way than the rest of us.

Naturally, there are beautiful persons who are magnetic. But, in general, beauty is more common than magnetism.

You may have certain advantages in life by being beautiful, but you have a ton more by being magnetic… and guess what?

At least you can do something about your magnetism!

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