If you can’t feel the energy, will it still affect you?

A few days ago we discussed why some people feel energy better than others, but a student sent an interesting follow up question:

“If you can’t feel the energy, will it still affect you?”

This is a dangerous mistake to make.

Just because you can’t feel it, it doesn’t mean that it’s not there.

We may talk about specific energy related topics and you can think: “I don’t feel anything, so this energy stuff doesn’t affect me/or is not real”.

There are many realities of life which we don’t see, feel or touch, yet they are still there. You don’t see any WiFi networks. You can only see them with the aid of your smartphone or any wireless receiver.

Yet, they are still there and can be used. Most of the time moving huge amounts of information between devices.

Any type of energy is the same.

It’s an invisible force that is present but can only be felt if you can actually tune into it. If you have the necessary “receiver”.

If you don’t feel it, energy is still moving around, affecting everyone and transmitting a lot of information between people – including yourself.

You just can’t feel it.

But you’ll be affected by it regardless of whether you feel it or not.

Think about magnetic individuals. Most people influenced by magnetic individuals can’t exactly pinpoint what their energy is like.

They just feel pulled to them. And then adjust their behaviors according to it.

When you haven’t learned how to properly feel energy, you feel it as an impulse or as a “lump” of information put together. You feel an impulse to follow this person. And because you are very little aware of your internal urges, you simply do it without reflecting.

That’s why charismatic persons draw such huge crowds and influence so many people.

It’s a lot harder to influence those with a good energy awareness and presence.

You feel a much more “detailed impulse” and you’ll then reflect on whether you want to follow through with it or not.

As many students have realized, once you start your Vitality and Energy Training and you begin to develop your ability to become aware of different feelings, you discover a whole new world that was hidden from you.

It’s like you lift the veil of reality, social interactions and your own behavior. You develop quite a powerful and useful skill in life.

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