I’m glad I wasn’t born with it

Some people naturally have magnetism. They had either an inborn talent and/or an upbringing that, for some reason, made them know magnetism naturally.

For example, you find natural sexual magnetic individuals that have no problem eliciting and projecting sexual energy. They don’t think about it or analyze it; it’s simply something they do.

They are internally and externally naturally resonating with sexual energy.

Similarly, you can find natural leaders who emanate a dense magnetism filled with tension energy.

Maybe they refined their magnetism later in life, but you can find them from very early in life.

Unfortunately for me, I had none of this. I wasn’t born with magnetism, nor did I have an upbringing that made me realize this naturally.

In fact, I didn’t understand anything about it, so I had to study it and develop it with the help of my teacher.

Although I started learning magnetism with only external goals – in my case, being a shy teenager, I just wanted to get a girlfriend – it slowly shifted into much more than this.

It shifted into a deep search for understanding myself and the world surrounding me. It stopped being just about getting power or sex, but it became much different. With the understanding of energy, mind, Will, you can go quite deep into this quest.

I admit that, most likely, I wouldn’t have started if it wasn’t out of the pain of failure, frustrations, lack of power, or inadequacy.

But because of that, I’m now grateful for NOT having been born with it. Because if I did, it would have robbed me of the opportunity to dive much deeper into this energetic world, into myself and the universe. I would, most likely, not have started this path that gave meaning and purpose to my life.

So it doesn’t really matter why you start, your current pain and frustrations… whatever they are, they become an opportunity to discover your meaning and live a life with purpose.

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