Here’s an interesting question from a student

“Will aphrodisiac herbs improve my sexual energy?”

There is a common misconception underlying this question.

That sexual desire or arousal is the same as sexual energy.

It’s important both of these situations are not mixed together.

Sexual energy is bigger than sexual arousal.

It’s true that when you are sexual aroused, sexual energy is always present BUT sexual arousal is not always present when you feel sexual energy.

Keep in mind this very important distinction.

In fact, on most situations where you’ll use sexual energy, you won’t be sexually aroused and an important part of becoming overall sexually magnetic is to learn to cultivate this state of sexual energy quality without arousal.

As you can imagine, sexual magnetism won’t be possible if you associate sexual energy to being sexually aroused, since no one can be aroused all the time…. but you can be sexually magnetic most of the time.

So taking these kind of herbs may give you the illusion that your sexual magnetism is stronger simply because you are more frequently aroused.

But don’t confuse it with actually being sexual magnetic.

Sexual arousal alone won’t help you much if you keep blocking sexual energy.

Both internally (internal energy movements) or externally (in your projection).

In fact, these herbs may even be hazardous for you. If they increase your sexual energy and if you don’t consciously know how to handle it, the most common energetic transformation that happens in your body is repression.

And repression might lead to all sorts of ailments and psychosomatic diseases.

As good as these herbs may be for one specific situation on sexual activity, don’t rely on them for sexual magnetism.

Learn how to control your own sexual energy, liberating the blocks and learning how to project it anytime where.

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