Importance of Personal magnetism in isolation

Is personal magnetism relevant for you if you are in isolation?

If you have been following this newsletter for a while and are aware of the different facets of personal magnetism, you know well that it’s much more than a way to influence people.

It’s a way to gain a mastery over your own body, mind and energy.

Inner power, energy, concentration, manifestation, unblocking, Will, are all crucial aspects of the development of your whole self… regardless of what you want to pursue out of life or if you are interested in influencing others or not.

Even sexual energy it’s crucial to train in isolation. If you are home alone, sexual energy still flows in you and still influences you in a large degree. I’m sure you know that.

It’s not simply to attract others. It’s also to achieve a mastery over yourself. Even Napoleon Hill talked about it.

Even if I were to live the rest of my life in isolation – which I obviously hope not – magnetism, and all its related aspects, would still be something I would be training every day.

They are ways for you to get to know your true self, and above all, to control the many aspects that influence your life – whether in isolation or in “normal” life.

Above all, I’m using my own magnetic training in confinement for three purposes:

1) First, my own self-mastery and well being. Taking advantage of this period to go deeper than before in energy, mind and body.

Making sure that my inner power and Will remains steady and grows to higher levels.

2) Not less important, but to become a stable rock in the support of others close to me. It’s very easy to everyone else to lose their minds and to give in to their fear (as we talked on the last email).

You need to become a source of stability to them, giving them a piece of your own power and strength when they need it the most.

3) And finally as preparation for when I get out. While everyone else will be trying to adjust to normal life again, I want to be thriving, not simply adjusting.

This requires a regular magnetic training – with adjustments – to make sure you keep your top shape!

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