Important lesson – Positive overcoming the Negative

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkison regarding the influencing power of magnetism:

“At this point we wish to utter a solemn warning to those who have been, or are tempted, to employ this mighty force for unworthy purposes. The laws of the mental plane are such that “as one sows so shall he reap.”

The mighty Law of Attraction acts with the accuracy of a machine, and those who seek to entangle others in a net of Mental Influence sooner or later are caught by their own snare.

The Black Magician involves himself in a mental whirlwind which sooner or later sweeps him off his feet and dashes him to pieces.

He is sucked down into the whirlpool of his own making, and is dragged down to the lowest depths.
These are not idle remarks, but a statement of certain laws of nature, operating on the mental plane, which all should know and heed.

And to those who may feel appalled at this mention of the existence and possibilities of Black Magic we would say that there is one thing to be remembered, and that is that good always overcomes evil on the mental plane.

A Good thought always has the power to neutralize the Evil one, and a person whose mind is filled with Love and Faith may combat a multitude whose minds are filled with Hate and Evil. The tendency of all nature is upward and toward Good. And he who would pull it back toward Evil sets himself against the law of Spiritual Evolution, and sooner or later falls a victim to his folly.

And then remember this: Thought-Waves find entrance only to those minds which are accustomed to think similar thoughts.

He who thinks Hate may be affected by Hate thoughts, while he whose mind is filled with Faith and Love is surrounded by a resistant armor which repels the invading waves, and causes them to be deflected, or else driven back to their senders.

Bad thoughts, like chickens, come home to roost. Thoughts are like Boomerangs, in their tendency to return to their sender. To the poison of Black Magic Nature gives the antidote of Right-Thinking.”

This idea of Atkison is naturally correct but I’ve often asked myself WHY it’s said that a good thought has the power to neutralize an evil one? Or why positive energy (from positive emotions) is stronger and healthier than negative energy (from negative emotions)?

What’s the mechanism behind this?

The answer came to me when I was exploring my own energy using techniques like The Unblocking Process. It becomes quite evident that when you have negative thoughts, there’s a lot more constriction, blocks and tensions created in your body and energy.

This doesn’t happen with positive thoughts that – by contrast – improve the flow of energy, unblocking the tensions created by the negativity.

It’s very easy for you to experience this once you start working with energy.

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