Increase Brain Power With Whole Brain Training Week 1

Here’s what you’ll get by developing more brain power:

  • More mental energy: you’ll be able to perform tasks for longer periods of time. More mental energy will translate in longer periods of concentration, ability to perform many different activities and feeling more mentally alive.
  • Faster learning process: When you try to learn something it will be easier and faster. And although this course doesn’t focus specifically on memory, your ability to recall will inevitably improve.
  • Avoiding diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s: it’s no surprise that stimulating your brain on a daily basis will avoid this kind brain diseases.
  • More possibilities: you won’t feel limited to just one area of knowledge or expertise, you will be able to develop more abilities than most people which is of crucial importance to leaders in all areas.
  • Faster Thinking: the hemispheres will communicate between each other faster and more efficiently allowing you to think faster than before allowing you to make decisions on a shorter time span.
  • Improving different brain functions: you’ll activate several areas of your brain that you hadn’t activated before.

Just as a sedentary life won’t keep us in top physical shape, achieving peak mental power needs more than the everyday thinking we are used to.

Scientists have found that a program of focused, structured mental exercise stretches and tests our thinking in ways that stimulate the growth of new nerve cells in the brain and a remapping of neural connections. As we’ll see during this course, the brain can grow and restructure itself with dramatic implications with the fairly new findings of neuroplasticity.

This particular brain training program has a different goal than most of them out there. It’s about Hemisphere Synchronicity: achieving a stronger and lasting link between your right and left hemisphere so that you can use the best of both worlds. Watch the video for more information on this.

The exercises won’t be only about hemisphere sync, I’ll also introduce you to several activities that develop your brain generally considering this is an introductory course.

This course will also be a bit more heavy in exercises than the last ones:

Exercise 1 “Simple Non-Dominant Hand Activities” – A simple exercise to start to awaken the other hemisphere. For some people it won’t be very easy, but with practice, it will become easier and easier.

Exercise 2  “Cross Crawling 1” – There are a few physical exercises that help in the brain sync. Cross Crawling is one of them. There will be more of them during the course.

Exercise 3 “Hemispheric Sync 1” – This is a game that many of us played in our childhood. Maybe you’ll recognize it or maybe it’s new for you. Either way, it’s a good one for an introduction to brain sync.

Exercise 4 “Backwards Alphabet” – Not everything will be about hemisphere synchronization. Some of the exercises (like this one) is about developing your brain as a whole.

Here’s the first video of this course:

If you want to watch this video on YouTube, please click the following link:

Increase Brain Power with Whole Brain Training Week 1

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