Influencing a crowd or a single person

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“Is it the same to influence a crowd and to influence a single person?”

Influencing a crowd demands a higher level of projection ability and strength.

In terms of necessary magnetism and energy levels it’s pretty much similar, but the projection and concentration you require for a crowd is a lot stronger.

With a single person (or a small group) you can get away with a fairly average projection ability. They
can feel your magnetism much more upclose even when you’re not doing anything.

But with a crowd, your magnetism is not felt as strongly due to the overall mix up of energies. So your projection ability must be quite superior. Just how we train it in the Personal Magnetism course.

In a crowd there are many people sending out different kinds of thoughts, projections and energies. These energies tend to conflict with one another. It takes a strong and magnetic person to send out with one single source of energy that unify and overrule all the others.

That’s why the projection ability must be trained to a whole superior degree.

Needless to say that once you can do it with a large crowd consistently, influencing a single person or a small group becomes a walk in the park. It’s like using an atomic bomb to kill an ant.

So, even if you don’t have the need to influence crowds of people, it’s always an important development to train your projection ability to a high degree and develop your 7 Sources of Projection. Then you’ll be ready to magnetically project to all conditions and all people.

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