Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Can you actually influence if your energy quality is negative?”

In other words, can you influence anyone or have a strong magnetism when your energy has a negative quality like anger, shame, depressive, etc?

For sure yes.


Your influence will also have this negative quality which probably won’t give you the results you are after.

Have you ever been with someone who is constantly depressed, feeling down, complaining, sad, etc?

What happens after you spend some time 1on1 with this person? Let’s say in a coffee house or restaurant?

You also start to feel down and depressed. Your energy lowers.

Most likely it’s a relief when that meeting is over and you get outside to fresh air. You immediately feel better when you leave.

That person influences you with his or her negative magnetism.

But this influence isn’t exactly a good one. You don’t feel better, you feel worse. And because of that most likely you will want to avoid this person in the future.

This is a very simple rule of behavior: you avoid what gives you pain and suffering, you are attracted by what makes you feel good.

So, unless there’s a part of you which is unconsciously attracted to this negativity (and you will end up being in an even worse situation), you want to avoid people with any sort of negative energy quality.

The problem starts when YOU have this negative energy quality. Most likely either someone tells you, or maybe you haven’t even recognize it.

It’s so familiar and comfortable that you don’t feel that bad. It’s just a familiar feeling.

But you can notice it in other people’s reactions. If you don’t have many friends, or people don’t particularly want to be with you, you know there’s something wrong.

Only when you start with a serious energy practice do you notice all these blocks inside of you.

Hence the importance of releasing of all negative energy quality and reestablish the ideal energy flow inside of you, free of restrictions and blocks.

Which is what we focus on The Unblocking Process.