A common scenario in new energy students is to become overwhelmed by the internal feelings they are discovering.

I sure know I did.

This overwhelming response can have different consequences:

1) You may feel like it’s too much to handle.

It’s like a new world opens up inside of you with many – and often intense – feelings. They are new feelings that you are not used to handling.

But in all accuracy, they aren’t “new”. This energy was there inside of you all along, you just didn’t felt it. And now you do.

The worst you can do here is close yourself down and try not to feel. This is like pushing your training back.

This is the time to accept those “new” energy feelings. The intensity will subside and you’ll learn to manage them better.

You just need to emotionally handle the initial shock.

2) You may feel that you are uncovering deep energetic states.

It’s perfectly common that new students feel that they are deep into some sort of energy movement and discovering the secrets to the universe.

We’ve all been there.

I remember my first intense energy experiences through some the exercises – like for example – in the Vitality and Energy Training, and thinking I was some sort of demi-god with supernatural powers.

But no… you’ll come to realize that these are perfectly natural early states.

It’s not any less amazing in what you feel inside, and it’s sure an open road to deeper energetic exploration, but these initial states that you feel are just that… a beginning.

A great beginning for sure.. but believe me that there’s plenty more to go deeper!

The problem is that if you keep thinking you have reached the pinnacle of the energetic work, you won’t do the further work to evolve. Keep yourself humble in your discoveries and explorations.

3) You may also feel that you have plenty of energy blocks and are fully screwed up.

Particularly in trainings like The Unblocking Process, it’s perfectly natural to feel many things come up.

Often so many that you think: “This isn’t normal”

As far as I’m aware, there isn’t an official statistical list of how many blocks someone has. But one thing is certain: we all feel A LOT of energetic blocks when we start uncovering them.

Most likely, you aren’t any more or any less screwed up than the rest. You are just like everyone else, with a whole bunch of blocks that need to be handled.

4) Lost in imagination

Often new students allow their imagination to run wild during their energy exercises and have plenty of “crazy trips”.

This is not the point of the exercise and you sure run the risk of alienating yourself from external reality and live in a crazy internal world that only you can see.

It’s very easy for this to happen.

That’s why it’s important that you keep yourself grounded in reality. Internal energy feelings are important, but keep them into context.

Use them, but don’t let yourself be used by the wild roaming of your mind.

Energetic training is a rewarding and tremendously useful skill for your daily life, but be sure you keep these notes in mind.