Innate Sexual Magnetism

An interesting question about Sexual Magnetism:

“Why do some people have more sexual magnetism than others? Why do I need to develop it while others have it easy?”

Why do some people are better at math than another?

Why are some better athletes than others?

It all starts in the mind, from the early childhood, even in the womb. Maybe we are born with some innate abilities, but I would like to believe it’s a mix of innate abilities and environment conditions.

The same way that some individuals develop a more logical and analytic mind that is perfect for math, some individuals, since early childhood are much more open to their sexual energy than others.

Others are taught to repress it, due to some trauma, strict upbringing or religion.

Naturally, when they grow up, their Sexual Magnetism is affected. They have much more trouble with the opposite sex and sexuality in general.

The feelings of sexuality are repressed. It’s not like they don’t feel sexuality. Of course they do! But especially when they are around people who elicit this sexuality in them, instead of fully giving in to the feeling, they repress it.

Their sexual energy is a source of conflict, instead of pleasure.

While the sexually magnetic man unconsciously learned to accept this sexual energy. And hence develop a great Sexual Magnetism.

Their sexual energy is always on. That’s why they seem to have women fall into their laps without any effort.

We’ve all met these kind of men. They are not particularly handsome, or famous, or rich, yet they exude a kind of magnetism that makes women sexually attracted to them even without saying a word.

This is Sexual Magnetism. And the difference from other kinds of men, is that the sexual energy is – often unconsciously – accepted and cultivated in them.

We have a whole program that teaches you how you can connect with this sexual energy and develop a Sexual Magnetism that can naturally attract women without any words:

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