Inner Power and Stoicism

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“If I have inner power will I become stoic?”

I would differentiate the word stoic from what this student really meant, which is being cold, withdrawn and resigned to your fate.

Without going into too many philosophical details, Stoicism as a philosophy that can be quite close to inner power. It avoids clinging to pleasures (but not avoiding them altogether), lessen the fear of loss, overcoming anger and being overpowered by “passions”.

Most of them are principles of inner power, even if the methods to get there are different.

So, there’s an important difference between inner power and being cold.

You don’t need (or even want to) to be emotionally dead. Or to be alone forever in a hermit type of cave to avoid the earthly pleasures.

Inner power is a lot different than this “cold” approach.

I love sex as much as the next person. The same way, I also often enjoy good food and drinks.

But there’s a difference between being able to enjoy them and being addicted to them or let the search for whatever pleasure to run your life.

This understanding is a part of inner power.

So fortunately, neither of us need to live as an outcast of society and avoid life’s pleasures. There’s no need to be a celibate monk.

You do need:

– To be able to control your mind, emotions and body.

– To differentiate your emotions, beliefs and thoughts from your true self.

– To be able to face and overcome your fears

– To be true to yourself and others.

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