Why Inner Power for Personal Magnetism?

It may seem strange to you that we recommend to develop Inner Power before you train your personal magnetism. After all, what you want and need is the influence over others.Shouldn’t we give priority to that?

There’s one particular reason to not start there: in Charisma School we don’t just focus in being magnetic for one brief period of time like a speech or a job interview.

If that’s all you want, then you’re better off training only those particular skills, like public speaking or interviews. There are plenty of trainings you can take which teach you good techniques in all these skills.

But, in Charisma School, we focus on transforming your magnetism in every single minute of the day.

Not just when you have that important speech to give, but also in all the hours and days that lead to that speech.

Then, being magnetic on that speech – or in any other situation -, will just be a consequence of the rest of your life.

So, whether you are home alone or in a crowd of people, you want your magnetism to be strong.

There’s no other way to do that other than the development of inner power.

You can’t be magnetic without being awake and aware with a strong and purposeful intention during your life. In other words, without a strong Will, it’s hard to develop personal magnetism.

That’s why we train inner power before personal magnetism. To develop that Will, that strong intention that drives the magnetism. If you use the techniques of personal magnetism without truly creating this power within you, it will only result in failure.

There’s simply nothing that generates and conducts the magnetism inside of you. Hence whatever magnetic technique you use, will only create partial or zero effects.

That’s why we always recommend to start your magnetism training with the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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