Week 2 – Introduction to Charisma & Inner Power

 On the previous video you discovered many of the benefits that Charisma can bring to your life, you also discovered that Charisma is not something that either you were born with or you’ll never have it in your lifetime, you can actually develop it and train it… you also found out that Charisma actually comes from within and you can’t develop it with external changes, and there’s a framework for developing Charisma based on the ancient teachings of Inner Power.

But what exactly is this Inner Power? Why most of us don’t have it? What else can you get with it besides becoming Charismatic and Magnetic? How can you train it.

This second lesson goes in depth into the Inner Power and explains the link between Inner Power and Charisma.

Click here for more details about the “10 Steps to Confidence and Inner Power” explained in the video.

Video 2 – About Inner Power


Continue your journey to Charisma with the 10 Steps to Charisma and Inner Power Course.

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