On the first Lesson we talked about charisma, on the second Lesson you were introduced to Inner Power.

Now it’s time to really understand our framework, our techniques, our culture, our principles, what method we use to reach the goal that we propose to reach: to reach a state of inner power and charisma in life, in order to increase your likelihood to achieve more in your life, to achieve your goals, create genuine connections with others and become fully aware in life, in a state of high and unshakable confidence, self-esteem and will.

On this Lesson, I’ll give you the complete Charisma School Method and it’s 7 Principles.

These are the basic operating principles of our method, but it’s not like they only work with our method, you can apply these principles in your life straight away since they can be applicable to pretty much everything related to goal setting and learning. You’ll learn how to make your endeavours much more successful and efficient by taking these 7 principles and apply them to your life.

Video 3 – The 7 Charisma School Principles

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