Is charisma the most important life skill?

Here’s a question from a student:

“Is charisma the most important skill you need in life?”

Obviously, I’m biased in answering this question, but I’ll try to put my bias aside for a moment and try to answer it as honestly as possible.

It’s true that with magnetism, you can get away with many things and certainly achieve more, get better relationships, a successful life, and so forth… but it’s not the beginning and end of all life skills.

Don’t think for a second that you could make it with only a great magnetism and no fundamental “hard skills.”

Sure, you can attempt to do it, and you might get away with it for quite a long time. But if all you do is rely on your magnetism and avoid any work, then you will most likely fall sooner or later.

It’s inevitable.

Not only that, but magnetism might help you get a relationship, but maintaining it is a whole different skill.

So, to answer quite honestly, personal or sexual magnetism is a pretty important skill, but it’s certainly not the only one you’ll need for a successful life.

Even so, the way we train it here, you’ll get many other exciting side benefits.

As you most likely know by now, when we talk about magnetism in Charisma School, we’re talking about a whole range of skills and traits that you develop in yourself. Qualities like inner power, having a strong will, being able to sense energies of yourself and others… it’s not “just” that charismatic pa; it’s also all these other skills useful in many different life situations.

And this can help you develop a healthy relationship with someone, sense the energy of your next business partner, or achieve the necessary Will to stop procrastination.

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