Is inner power just vague words?

Inner Power, Will, Concentration… they can be just words, or vague ideas you have in your mind of skills to eventually develop.

Maybe you have a definition in your mind of what they are. Or maybe you have a vague idea on what you’ll get once you train them.

But they aren’t just words or vague ideas. They are very concrete skills and they allow you to do concrete things and activities in your daily life.

Until you keep thinking of those words as simply words, or as something you’ll eventually get if you do your exercises, then it will be hard to get them.

You train them in your everyday life. 24 hours a day, not 20minutes in the morning and night. A man with inner power constantly has inner power, not just for 20minutes in the morning.

When you are training inner power, you become vigilant within your mind all day for opportunities to apply it. Application of inner power, Will, concentration are done during your day.

You use the exercises to deepen and also to learn what you need to do during your day. They don’t develop per se. They they teach you how to use it.

Only your activity during the day, during your daily decisions, your obstacles, mistakes or challenges… only then do you develop these skills.

By focusing your mind when you need to focus, by overcoming a challenge that you are being fearful of, by controlling your internal thoughts when they are going crazy, and so on.

This is when those skills are useful. This is the correct training.

So you aren’t just training them because you do some exercises in the morning. You are training them when you actually use them and change your behavior every single day.

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