Is it enough to increase the amount of energy?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“For any form of sexual energy training, does the amount flowing in you influence the effectiveness of the training or is it solely just to make it easier to feel and what affects effectiveness is your level of awareness and control over your energy?”

This is quite a good question. So what influences your level of magnetism: is it the amount of energy in you or your awareness and control?

In a sense it’s both, but there’s more to it.

Having little sexual energy is of course a concern and not enough to develop a good sexual magnetism. You need a certain level of energy to achieve a good magnetism. Although we don’t exactly have a measuring cup as to how much energy is necessary.

With that said…

You don’t need as much energy as you think you do.

The most common problem is NOT in the lack of training to increase the energy. The real problems are two fold:

1) The leaks of energy. If you have leaks of energy is like you are trying to fill a leaky bucket. Good luck with that, it will never get to a point where it’s capacity is filled. You need to do more and more increasing energy exercises all the time – which you are not supposed to, since at a certain point, it will be mostly self-renewing.

Those leaks prevent you from getting enough sexual energy to get to a good and solid magnetism. It can be leaks in inner power and Will, in your projection, in your movements and so on.

For example: if you are trying to develop sexual magnetism but at the same time your inner power is weak and you have your mind constantly holding you back, then no amount of sexual energy exercises will be enough.

2) The blocks that are preventing you either to flow with the energy or to project the energy.

If the blocks don’t allow the energy to circulate, increasing it’s amount won’t do you any good. They will simply get stuck.

Or if you are stopping yourself from projecting any energy, then not much will happen on the outside world. In other words, no one will feel it. This external natural projection is what we train in Become a Sexual Man.

So, as you can see, there’s much more to it aside from the amount of energy flowing in you. It’s not as simple as making more exercises. You could be training all day and still lack energy.

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