Is Personal Magnetism Real?

When I was very young, way before I formally started my study on personal magnetism, from sheer luck or coincidence – if you believe in those things – I came across a French flyer from 1904(!) from an influence institute popular at that time. It was inside a book in a library.It was being used as a book marker that someone forgot inside of it. Somehow I was drawn to it even though I didn’t understood a word of French. I got a dictionary and translated word for word.

When I finished and read it, it left a very deep mark in me.

A particular paragraph from it stood out and I wrote it down on my notebook.

Years later, when I was already more evolved in personal magnetism, I came across the very same paragraph in a personal magnetism book from Paul Jagot talking about the same flyer! Another strange coincidence!

The paragraph said:

“For those who may be a bit skeptics regarding the use of personal magnetism, we wish to ask the following questions:

1) Is a person capable of influencing others?

2) Do certain people influence others in a bigger scale?

3) Haven’t you found some persons who are capable of using their influence in an easier and natural manner than others?

4) If someone can influence over other using their words, gaze and will, isn’t easier to admit that a
man or a woman, having done a profound study and practice over the best ways to influence, should know more than others who haven’t studied?

In other words, if there’s something called personal influence, isn’t it safe to assume that someone who uses an established system gets better results than those who use dumb luck?

No one can deny that some people exert their influence over others. No one can also deny the advantages of a systematic method of learning personal magnetism.”

If you are reading Charisma School for a while, this should be nothing new to you or particularly impactive, but at that time, when no formal education of personal magnetism existed, just the mere fact that we can increase our own influencing power by a structured method created a big impact in me.

Just imagine a situation where you had no control over your own life and relationship with others. And all of a sudden, you learned that not only is it possible to change this situation, but there are proven structured methods and systems that can teach you this in a very short period of time.

Mind blowing!

So much that I devoted a big part of my life into this subject of personal magnetism. Both learning and
now teaching it.

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