Is sexual desire good to have?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Is sexual desire good to have?”

It depends… I’ll elaborate.

First, sexual feelings in themselves are fully natural and we all have them one way or another or in different levels.

They are always there regardless of how much we try to mask or hide them.

The problem is that these feelings don’t exist in isolation of everything else.

They get “contaminated” by your memories, imaginations, instincts, traumas, blocks and so on. Particularly the ones from early life.

Hence, due to this “contamination”, what you consider sexual desire is different from what I consider sexual desire, or your next door neighbor.

We all feel it differently, even if the source is the same.

The original feeling can be similar, but then our mind interprets it differently and we ended up all feeling differently.

If someone had a traumatic experience with a sexual feelings early in life, that’s going to influence what they feel the rest of their life (unless they unblock it).

So your sexual desire is going to be dependent on how you grew to interpret it over all these years.

Of course, all this was done in a completely unconscious way.

Naturally, you were never consciously deciding that your desire was to be of this or that nature, or would be associated to X or Y memories.

That’s why my answer is “it depends”.

As an example, if your sexual desire is of a “vampiric nature”, it’s something that makes you feel needy, in a way that you just want to take something from others, then your sexual desire is not going to help you on your quest to be sexually magnetic.

But, if your sexual desire is of an “abundant nature”, something that you want to share with others and give it away, then it will be a lot more helpful.

With a training like Sexual Energy Mastery you can strip away all the baggage away from the feeling of sexual energy. You go to the source of the feeling in itself, without being “contaminated” by your previous baggage and you reset it to a desire that is actually useful for sexual magnetism.

That’s why it’s so effective!


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