Is Sexual Energy Draining You?

Here’s a question from a reader:“I once read a blog article saying sexual magnetism comes from how much dark energy you allow int your body.

If you take the plunge into the dark sexual magnetic energies you have to transmute it or you’ll end up in the constant cycle of feeding it.

The energy was described as one person outmanipulating the other and draining their life force as a result like a vampire.

Is this analogy of sexual magnetism accurate?”

My answer is simple: it all depends on how you use it and develop it.

The sexual energy in itself, as I described in SE Q&A series is neither good or evil. It’s pre-moral. A part of our nature that can’t denied. It’s there whether we like it or not.

We can ignore it, control it, use it in different ways, but the fact that it’s there can’t be denied.

Most people allow this energy to unconsciously control them. Others indeed use this energy for draining life force.

The way we teach it, we’re actually giving it away and spreading the love, so to speak. We teach sexual energy coming from an abundance mentality.

It’s like you have this amazing energy inside of yourself that makes you feel wonderful and you want to spread it around to others.

In other words, you also want others to feel the same wonderful feelings you are feeling.

Quite the opposite of draining them.

There are of course other ways of using sexual energy which have this effect. We don’t use it in CS since it’s way more effective to do it in an abundance way.

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