Is this magnetic?

I’ve often receive questions of whether any particular behavior is magnetic or not. They all go along the same lines, some of them can be magnetic and some aren’t.
But more than me giving you a list of magnetic or un-magnetic behaviors (I wouldn’t even know where to start!), there’s a much better alternative.
Learning how to feel inside of yourself what is magnetic and what is not.
There’s a very easy verification for you to check whether ANY behavior is magnetic or not:
Whether you feel stronger or weaker after you have done it.
Notice inside of yourself how you feel. Your body and your energy won’t lie.
That’s the most accurate way for you to know, much better than me telling you – yes it’s magnetic – or – no, it’s not magnetic.
This works with your own thoughts, bodily movements, energy, relationships, pretty much everything.
If this behavior is good for you (hence magnetic), you will feel stronger. If it’s bad (hence not magnetic), you will feel weaker.
And of course, you’ll do the behavior first, so if it’s not magnetic, some weakening may follow. But if that’s the case, after this you’ll know and you won’t need to repeat it.
On many situations it’s only a small loss of energy that’s easily recovered from.
If you want to avoid this weakening, this simple technique also works by thinking about doing that behavior or action. And you’ll immediately know what is strong for you or not.
The most common question after this is: “how about something where you’re high on drugs and feeling very good and strong?”
It’s a completely different feeling when you know yourself, your mind and your body. Natural magnetism feels a lot differently than any type of drugs or artificial ways of increasing your magnetism.
You’ll also know deep inside of you if something you are doing is overall weakening for you or strengthening it. But you need to have a good awareness to understand it.
Start to understand your own energy with the course:

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