Is too much thinking draining you?

I’m sure that at a certain moment of your life you experienced a personal problem that you couldn’t solve. And it took you quite a while until it got sorted out – or maybe you’re undergoing this process now.

And if you are like most people, you’ll think about this issue a lot.

You’ll think, reflect and question inside your head, about a possible solution for it.

Most likely you’ll think so much about it, that the thoughts are repeated over and over again.

That’s an sign that your thinking is not being productive anymore. You are stuck in the same mental state without getting out.

And that’s a big leak of energy.

I’m sure you have noticed that during this time where you are mulling over your problem, your energy decreases. Maybe your sleep is worse. Maybe you don’t feel like doing the same things that made you happy. Maybe you feel drained. Or all of the above.

This tends to be a very common experience. I’ve went through it many times and most likely so did you.

This is an example of how your mind can drain you of energy.

In my particular situation, it didn’t mattered how many energy exercises I did, it was never enough. If I did the energy exercises in the morning I would feel good for a couple of hours at most, but then I was back again at a low energy.

This meant I had a energy leak, and on that case, it was my mind.

The energy exercises felt like trying to feel a leaky bucket. It didn’t matter how much I did, they were never enough.

How could they?

I was filling the bucket in one end, and on the other end everything was coming right out.

Maybe this isn’t just a period of time, maybe this is your whole life. You feel like you are constantly ruminating repeated, draining thoughts in your mind.

And that can be your biggest leak. Although there’s plenty of energy leaks – and we go over them in several trainings – don’t neglect the fact that your mind and your thinking can be doing that.

When you spend too much time self-absorbed in your own mind with your own problems, ruminating the same repeated thoughts without any concrete solutions or actions, you are wasting all your energy away.

There’s never going to be any energy exercise or method that can succeed for more than a few days – at least after the initial enthusiasm (that fuels the mind and removes you from the negative spiral of thinking) dies down.

It’s too much time inside your own head with your own problems – while too little in the world, taking action and actually spending energy on useful and worthwhile pursuits.

That’s one of the issues that you tackle on the 10 Steps to Inner Power. Our foundational program that sets the groundwork for the energy programs to give you the magnetism you seek.

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