Is your life hard? Do you have disadvantages?

I often receive emails from students that tell me how hard their life is and how they don’t have time or money or energy to do certain things related to the training, or even to improve their own life conditions or achieve some goals.

These difficulties or disadvantages may be very real.

On most case, they are not made up.

Maybe your life really is harder than the average person around you.

Maybe some of those difficulties are not even your fault. It was just something you were born into.

Yet, if you think about those disadvantages as “excuses” for not making it, as an “excuse” to avoid doing something, then naturally you won’t achieve much and you’ll blame whatever disadvantage you had.

Especially when you think about how other people having made it despite having even worse disadvantages than you, it certainly puts things into perspective.

I’ve read/heard stories of many different students over these years.

I remember having a student who actually walked to work almost 2 hours a day because he didn’t had a car and there were no transportations where he lived. A student who sold his phone and other possessions to be able to afford a training. Several students who lived with debilitating chronic diseases and had to seriously adapt the trainings to be able to complete them.

Among many other situations.

Those difficulties are real. The disadvantages you may have can be real.

Yet, all those students, despite their difficulties, succeeded.

The disadvantages you may have in life can be real and may even make your life harder than the “average” person, but you need to take responsibility for your PRESENT actions and not be constantly blaming whatever hardships you currently have or had in the past.

Those students, without exception, knew that they would need to push themselves harder than the “average” student in order to succeed.

And this shows an above average level of inner power, and by doing so, they were increasing it even further.

They could have said: “I have this situation that makes my life harder, so I’ll just take it easy. It’s not my fault”.

But no… they pushed it because they wanted to succeed. Even if it’s harder.

It’s about your own inner power. Your own internal strength to overcome them without complaining about your situation.

You have this disadvantage, so what? Do what you want to do without complaining, even if it’s harder. You will be well rewarded for it. Don’t find the excuses to stop doing it. Find ways to succeed despite your disadvantages.

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