Is your sexual intention clear?

There’s an important fact when observing someone with sexual magnetism:

Their intention is very clear!

Let’s say you have a “natural born seducer”, someone who is sexually magnetic and has no trouble in getting attraction.

When you see this person in action, is perfectly obvious when he is “activated”, when he is actively trying to seduce someone.

Although he is naturally sexual in most of the situations in his life, in these particular situations it’s blatantly obvious all his sexuality in action.

If you have ever seen someone who is sexually magnetic in action, you’ll know well what I’m writing about.

It’s obvious and very sexual.

This contrasts with everyone else that block their sexuality from going through.

One issue I often see with many students is their attempt to be neutral.

No sexuality is being projected. Whether in normal everyday life, or – most seriously – in situations where they encounter someone they are interested in.

In these situations the projection block is even more active and even LESS sexuality is going through.

It’s like they are actively trying NOT to be sexual and unconsciously this is EXACTLY what is happening.

The blocks are usually so deep that projecting sexuality in that context is something that feels forbidden, as if breaking some ingrained society rule.

So they try to “be cool”, which ends up being complete neutrality with nothing being projected.

This happens time and time again and it’s one of the worst mistakes for anyone who wants to be sexually magnetic.

It doesn’t quite matter how many exercises you are doing, if when the time comes to be sexual – and to be obviously sexual – you are neutral and “try to be cool”.

When you do this, it’s like you are putting up an armor. Nothing goes in or out. No projection, no sexuality. It’s a sexual rigidity that I’ve spoken before.

And as I keep on repeating: if you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

There are no miracles if you don’t project the slightest bit of sexuality. That’s why we created the Become a Sexual Man training. The goal is precisely to teach you to break down the different projection blocks you may have while interacting with someone else. To completely dissolve the sexual rigidity that is preventing you from being a sexual man.

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