Isolating taking its toll

These last few months everything in the world changed with the sudden appearance of COVID-19 and the constant lockdowns everywhere.

I’m sure that in one way or another you’ve been hit by it. We’ve all been hit by it – in a larger or smaller scale, in different dimensions.

In the first few weeks, shock was the most common reaction. We simply couldn’t believe what was happening, and maybe tried to resist or fight it by maintaining a normal lifestyle, but, we shortly learned that life was changing.

And for that reason, adaptation was needed.

Adapting our routines, our work, our lifestyle to a new situation.

Eventually, we all did it – again, in a larger or smaller scale.

And now after a few months of this new reality, some people adjusted well, while others had more difficulty.

But it’s sure taking its toll. Whether you are on lockdown or not, probably some of the activities you did before are now vanished, or at the very least limited.

This is quite prevalent in social activities.

And it’s not easy, particularly because we are social creatures overall.

Over time you may have a tendency to stay more isolated at home, probably not doing much, and the Will tends to dissipate in this situation. The less you do and the less energy you are using, the less you have the Will to do.

But just because you are now more isolated than before, with your past activities reduced, it doesn’t mean that you should stop doing everything.

Sure, maybe you need a break. But a few months of this “mandatory break” is more than enough time of rest. It’s important to get new activities, new projects, adapted to COVID-19 times. Maybe you’ll find them outside – in safe places -, or maybe you’ll do them at home.

But the important part is that your energy keeps running!

Your Will keeps being used. You aren’t just idling at home not doing much and, instead, wake up filled of energy to start the day and do something that motivates you.

But this doesn’t come from outside. Now less than ever.

This must come from your own Will. Yes, your will only works by raising that mental trolley-pole, and touching the live wire of Will!

You need to connect with it, activate it in new ways. That’s what you need to keep in mind when going through these unprecedented times!

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