It’s not natural to me

When you are training magnetism, Will, inner power, energy, some discomfort will always be part of it. Effort is required.

And you’ll always feel something as “not natural”. At least in the beginning.

This is a normal feeling to have… if you think about it, if any of it came natural to you, you would already be magnetic and have a powerful Will.

There will be no need for any training since it was all natural to you.

But if you want to change, then a period of discomfort – out of your comfort zone – is necessary.

You are changing deeply ingrained patterns of behavior, of energy flow and the way your mind works. There’s nothing natural about that.

Of course that we can take a more or less effortful path, but there’s always going to be something that doesn’t come natural at first.

You won’t learn the piano without effort and without going through a phase where none of it is natural to you. As you get more comfortable with the piano, things start to flow… but it sure takes a while to get there.

Most skills that you learn are like that.

Maybe piano is easier to you than learning ping-pong, but on any skill there’s always a discomfort period where you need to learn the methods and techniques.

And this is a skill. Magnetism is a skill you develop. Not a gift from heavens.

In the beginning of my own training, I just wanted the skill as easier and faster as possible. I wanted to be magnetic and be able to influence.

That was pretty much it. Nothing else mattered.

But as the training evolved and also my skill improved, I realized that I was developing and becoming aware of deep aspects in my own core. Very few people had this knowledge of energy, mind control and will. Even fewer could actually do something with it.

When I talked with any natural magnetic individual, they had no idea about any of that. They were magnetic for sure, but they didn’t knew how any of it worked.

When I asked them for advice I only got the same old: “smile more, eye contact and dress well” type of advice. They meant well, but they were unaware of the underlying mechanics of what they were doing.

This was something I learned on my path to magnetism: how energy worked inside of myself as well as in interaction with others. I truly *learned*… not just in theory, but in practice. That’s why this is a skill and not simple theoretical knowledge.

So I wasn’t born magnetic, and I didn’t developed it without effort. Before it was “natural” there sure was a time of discomfort and trying to adjust to the new reality… but I sure gained something much larger in this path: a deeper understanding of the underlying dynamics of myself and others and how reality works.

Whether this is as relevant to you as it was to me it’s not important. You will get it anyway as you become magnetic, the same way that you understand about the underlying dynamics of music as you learn to play an instrument.

What you need to understand is that going through an “un-natural” phase is completely normal and part of the process.

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