It’s not your fault. Or is it?

Avoiding responsibility for our actions, behaviors, and problems is quite common.

It was not my fault if something didn’t go according to my plans. It was someone else’s fault, maybe the neighbor’s or his dog’s.

We tend to find outside scapegoats for our own issues. As if others are responsible for our place in life and our successes and failures.

If you often blame others for your problems and failures, you need a close look into your life and Will.

Even though there are events in life that are unpredictable and unpreparable, our reactions to those events can be under our control, and maybe there’s something you can do to be better prepared for next time.

This is also not a way to enter into a depressive spiral, sobbing that it’s all your fault and everything you do is wrong, far from it.

Taking responsibility is looking at the situation with a critical non-emotional eye while attempting to understand how to prevent the same thing from happening again.

Maybe a part of it was not your fault – let’s say a global pandemic happened! – but maybe there’s something you can do to prevent future damage to your business. For example, there may be safety measures you can have. Or maybe not, maybe no part of it was up to you, and there was nothing you could have done. Either way, it’s looking critically at the situation and evaluating what you could have done better – if anything.

In business, this tends to be easier; in our personal life or with something directly affecting our identity, it’s much harder to be conscious and objective.

It’s much easier to direct the blame to someone else or enter a depressive spiral.

But that’s not the way of the Will. The Will requires you to have this objective sense of understanding. But you must first let go of the emotions and energy blocks associated with any situation before you can look at it objectively – as it is.

Only this way can you improve and fix your flaws.

That’s why we created the training The Unblocking Process – to let go of your energetic blocks and reactions to situations so you can have a cold hard look into yourself, take responsibility for what is within your sphere of control, and fix what needs fixing.

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