Just the eye exercises for the Magnetic Gaze

Here’s an interesting question from a reader about the Magnetic Gaze:

“What if I just do the eye exercises?”

First of all you would be missing out on 95% of the Magnetic Gaze true power.

Of course, it has some effects. Many people who’ve done the Magnetic Gaze free training can vouch for that.

But just doing them, without any kind of energy, will and mind exercises, would be just like only doing squats at the gym. Sure, it’s a good thing, but if you want an overall well built physique, different types of exercises are needed.

The eye exercises are an indispensable part of the gaze system. If they weren’t needed, we wouldn’t be teaching them. But it would be a mistake to limit your training to just the eye exercises.

The Magnetic Gaze system is much more than the physical eye training.

The physical eye training gets the juices flowing. But the energy training is the juice itself.

You can’t simply separate the energy aspects from the Magnetic Gaze. If you do, then don’t call it Magnetic Gaze because it won’t be the same thing.

Is it possible than some people can develop the gaze without the energy and Will training?

Possible… Yes. Likely… No.

Some people may already have a powerful tension energy and Will, so just with a few eye exercises can awaken a Magnetic Gaze in them.

However, that’s very unlikely.

I’ve never seen anyone with such a strong energy that could actually do it. Usually these people are already very magnetic and don’t care about developing more charisma, so they wouldn’t even be interested in doing eye exercises for this purpose.

In short, all the aspects of the Magnetic Gaze training are there for a purpose. If they were redundant, we wouldn’t include them in the training.

The easier route is simply to do the path we set out for you. This has been tried and tested for dozens of students and it works wonders.

To start your Magnetic Gaze path, start with the training:
>>> Magnetic Gaze Foundations

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