Keeping secrets

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does magnetism makes it harder to keep secrets? And how exactly do you remove the energy from secrets?”

Magnetism amplifies what you are inside. So, if you have a secret closely related to your core self (as opposed to the combination of your ATM card, for example), it will get amplified, or your magnetism can be hindered.

Energetically this makes perfect sense.

When you want to hide something, you contract your energy. As you know from before, magnetism is about expansion. Hence, everything that forces you to contract hinders your magnetism – including deeply held secrets related to your core self.

An alternative to this is to create a mask that you present to the outside world.

This mask can be more or less magnetic, but it’s not an authentic magnetism. It won’t bring you long-term inner power or happiness since you are still profoundly contracted inside.

That’s why integrating your hidden or secret aspects is always a good idea.

This is done by removing the energy from secrets, which is precisely what it sounds like. You stop feeding them energy.

The more you care about them and attempt to hide them, the more energy you feed them. The less you care about them and try to hide them, the less energy you feed them.

In other words, you integrate them into your self.

This process can be easier or harder, longer or shorter, but it’s necessary.

This doesn’t mean that you are advertising to everyone everything about your life, but it means that if someone asks, you are not attempting to cover it up either, nor are you afraid of it (hence, not contracting).

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