Are you kind and considerate? Not really!

Here’s a passing comment from a Charisma School student:

“I can’t choose between being kind and considerate and having inner power. It’s always a dilemma!”

You don’t have to choose.

They are not opposites.

You can have both.

I would go as far as to say that only with inner power can you be truly kind, just and benevolent.

First of all, we would all like to think of ourselves as kind and good to everyone. Unfortunately, very few people are truly this way.

Once personal interests or desires get into the way, there goes the fairness and kindness out of the window.

It’s hard to admit (and most people don’t!) but it’s the truth. A week in the life of someone registering and observing their behaviors proves this very well.

And that’s ok! The important part is being aware of it, so that you can change it – if this is an important value for you.

Then we have those who constantly self-sacrifice their own well being for the good of others. A closer look into this apparent generosity and altruism will often uncover certain aspects of their psyche which are forcing them to be this way in order to be “worthy”.

An even closer look into their behaviors will often also uncover “exceptions” to this self-sacrifice. I’ve personally met a fellow psychologist who was very devoted to her patients, yet, her family suffered from this. She actually paid more attention to her patients than her own family.

Of course, I’m generalizing since a big part of them indeed have these deep rooted psychological issues. But are there exceptions? Sure. As with everything in life.

The only way to truly be kind, considerate and just over the course of your life is when it comes from a place of inner power and full conscious awareness.

I’m not talking about saying you are kind because you donate to charity or buy lunch to a homeless guy.

I’m talking about embodying a truthful and honest spirit in all the decisions you take in your life. In not just acting from a place of psychological issues (which you are doing because you HAVE TO do it) or driven by your ego, but instead, acting from a place of pure self-awareness; not driven by desire, but by a center of self-consciousness, which is not influenced by your ego or by your desires.

Then, when you are in a position of pure inner power and awareness, you can choose which values you want to project into the world. After this, you are ready to become a just leader and an fair influencer.

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