Law of association

Youtube, Netflix, TikTok (and similar platforms) work using interesting algorithms. What you watch on these platforms is used to create a profile of your interests so that more videos and content are given about those interests. It’s not about what you say you like; it’s about what you watch and give attention to.

Your mind works exactly like these algorithms.

Feed attention and energy to a particular type of thought, and it will give you more of the same thing.

If you keep having negative, depressive thoughts, the more your mind will keep having them.

If you keep having sexual thoughts, the more your mind will keep having them.

This is due to the law of association that works both inside and outside: “bird of a feather flock together”.

It’s not just about the CONTENT of your thoughts (whether you think about birds, cell phones, computers, etc.). It’s also about the energy of those thoughts and their associated traits.

Whether negative, positive, heavy, light, fast, slow, etc.

So the thoughts will tend to be similar in their content and energy. The Law of Association works the same way.

And because this is energy at work, it works internally and externally. It works both inside of you and outside of you.

You’ll manifest in the real world what you feed inside your mind since the law of association works everywhere.

The good news is that in the same way you can control these platforms’ algorithms by what you watch, you can also choose what you are feeding your mind. You can choose what you give attention and energy to. But you need enough awareness and inner power to do that.

This is one of the aspects we work on in the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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