Law of Vibration for Sexual Energy

A particular well known law of the universe for esoteric students is the law of vibration.

This law states that everything that exists in the universe is composed of energy which has its own vibrational frequency.

It applies not only to matter but also to thoughts and feelings.

This vibration will resonate with other things, people, thoughts and feelings that are vibrating at a similar frequency.

That’s why we tend to attract events and people into our life which resonate in a similar frequency to ours.

Simply put, the change of our own internal vibration (via thoughts, emotions and energy) is how we can manifest what we want into our lives and how the law of attraction actually works.

The way that you project this vibration and energy can be high enough that you actually influence those around you to get on the same frequency as you. This is your magnetism.

When you achieve personal magnetism, you vibrate with a particularly good and powerful energy frequency that attracts others to you.

When you achieve sexual magnetism, you vibrate with sex and sexuality so that others around you feel sexually attracted to your presence.

Others just know what you’re all about, without you saying anything. There’s an energy emanating from you that immediately tells them.

Even when you don’t say a single word.

Sexual energy is the vibration of sexual attraction, that’s why you can talk about whatever you want (the weather or whatever random topic) or not say anything at all, yet still sexually attract others.

Most of the so called “natural players” don’t exactly have very interesting conversations.

It’s mostly random talks of whatever they happen to be thinking at that time.

Yet, they constantly have the sexual vibration in them, and hence, they succeed.

On the Sexual Energy Mastery training, you discover and train yourself to feel sexual energy inside of you. You become comfortable with it.

Then on the Become a Sexual Man training, you learn how to vibrate and project this energy to the outside world.

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