Learn well your training wheels

Most of the exercises you learn in Charisma School trainings are training wheels.

They are a way for you to experientially understand certain concepts and once they are fully internalized you won’t need to do them much longer.

Of course, it’s not just enough to do them well while you’re at home. What you need to understand is if you truly internalized the most important experiences of those exercises.

You need to understand them and their most important points.

It may take time. You’ll hardly master it in a couple of days… unless you have done something similar before or already accomplished the goal of the exercise before.

Once it’s done and it’s integrated into your life and personality and it’s something you use on a daily basis, then not much more needs to be done, aside from using it on your daily life.

Such is the case with most natural projection exercises. The one where you train your voice, or your touch for example.

Once you understood the concept and integrated it into your everyday life, you don’t need any more exercises. They have accomplished their purpose.

Same thing with other types of awareness exercises, which in the beginning may need a deep attention but at some point, you know exactly where most of your blocks in that situation are.

Learn well with your training wheels. Really dedicate time and effort to understand what you’re supposed to achieve and integrate into your life.

Only then can you drop it. Better play it safe and take your time in doing so.

Not all exercises are training wheels like that, but many are – you can email me if you have any specific questions about some of the exercises on the trainings.

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