Learning the way of inner power

In some times or another, we all have situations that causes us insecurity and anxiety. Maybe it’s not some life or death decision, but still, we want a certain outcome to happen and this outcome is outside of our control.

If you’re not experiencing one right now, I’m sure you can think of a moment in your life where this happened.

It’s common for everyone. We’re not all mighty and powerful, hence there will always be situations that we have no control over – or have little control.

Hence, anxiety and insecurity can hit you hard here. Because you know there’s little you can do.

You might try anything you can picture to increase your level of control, but overall, it won’t work that well.

It’s still outside of you.

And some situations just need time to sort themselves out. Maybe this week you’ll be completely anxious waiting for a result, and next week you won’t even remember what you were anxious about.

Of course the secret here is always the same one.

Work on what you can control. Do whatever you must that depend on you. But other than this, you’ll need to learn to let go and not get caught up with the result.

I know this is easier said than done. Especially when it’s something really important for you – regardless of whatever that may be.

It seems like your body and mind gain a life of their own. It all starts to move inside without any control from you.

This is where you’ll need to impose some control using the techniques that most likely you already know from the trainings. This way you can calm your body, mind and energy and accept that the decision won’t be up for you and you already did what you can do.

Now all you need to is wait with tranquility.

This anxiety is also happening because you’re resisting the outcome and want too eagerly one of them. Hence: neediness.

And when we NEED something, our chances of getting it drastically reduce. We project vampiric energy, we try to drain from others. That’s never helpful, regardless of the situation.

So if you find yourself in this type of situation, remember to control your body, mind and spirit. Get rid of the neediness, cultivate the inner power.

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