For many men (and women as well), this famous line “Let’s just be friends” and similar type of phrases are very common.

They listen to it very often and don’t understand why.

After all, they are probably doing all the right things. Good conversation, being a gentleman, being funny, nice clothes and so on.

You probably blamed your looks, wealth situation, shyness or whatever other excuse.

But, whatever reason you may think it’s the cause, these type of sentences only happen for one reason:

They didn’t felt sexuality coming from you.

If they felt sexual around you, believe me… they wouldn’t want just to “be friends”.

That’s the only difference and the only thing you need to keep in mind.

If you want to have sex, you need to be sexual.

This is what creates the attraction you are aiming at.

Regardless of the technique you use (if any), it must generate sexual energy.

“Players” are very good in generating sexual energy in most of the things they do. They naturally project it.

On most cases, they haven’t learned any of this. They were just born with it or developed it as they grew up.

For all the rest of us who weren’t born with it, our alternative is to develop a more sexual state of being. A “sexual energy glow” around us.

This can be achieved!

It’s certainly possible to transform yourself from zero sexual energy, to having a sexual glow in yourself.

Someone that naturally attracts others, wherever they go.

That’s what we focus on our Sexual Energy trainings.

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